Product Design

Our multiple design awards and bestselling products tell its own tale: We have the ability to develop exciting concepts and turn them into market-ready products. How do we do it? By making special to our specialization! We specialize in making unique and distinct products. With a mix of methods and *magic we work in a variety of industries by seeking the unexplored and defining new products or entire product categories. In the unknown our design approach has the most value: It creates special user-experiences and iconic products with relevance for brands and people.

Whether designing for start-ups or global players, whether designing consumer goods, medical devices or machines - every client and every project is different. That's why we do not work with a standardized design process. Instead, we listen, analyze the task and tailor an offer that fits your needs, budget, and timeline. Our services range from the first idea to the finished product - and beyond.

Best Practice

Our process

... across industries!

Our work in various sectors and industries creates synergies: it helps us to keep hold of the big picture and to build up broad manufacturing knowledge.

Industry sectors

Furniture Design
Lighting Design
Consumer Electronics
Accessories & Lifestyle

Household & Kitchen
Sporting Goods
Bath & Wellness
Medical & Industrial Goods Design

Case Study – The Monkey

How do you find an iconic design language for a product that should cut a fine figure on the go while camping or cycling, as well as at home in the shower or on the kitchen table? How do you ensure a good user experience for a device that is both, a classic radio and a modern Bluetooth speaker?

Read on to learn more about the genesis of "The Monkey" ...

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How to open up new vistas for your company? How to help employees become self-confident innovators? How to turn ideas into products and products into successful start-ups?

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Creative Direction

How to create a consistent product portfolio and a sustainable design strategy? How to develop a design DNA that allows a perfect balance between brand unity and product autonomy?

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