Creative Direction

In a complex world, it is essential to have a clear message.

That's why our external Design Management helps you to build up a consistent product portfolio and a sustainable Design Strategy, which is in line with your values, goals, and capabilities.

With a body of experience from 100+ product launches, we know which products help stand out from the crowd and build a brand. Our international focus with clients in Milan, New York, or Shanghai takes us to the capitals of design, helping us to understand markets, spot trends, and keep your brands finger on the pulse of time.

Our process

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Product Design

How to define entire product categories through unique and distinct designs? How to create special user-experiences and inspiring products with relevance for brands and people?

Learn how we discover unknown territory with a mix of methods and *magic …

Innovation Consulting

How to open up new vistas for your company? How to help employees become self-confident innovators? How to turn ideas into products and products into successful start-ups?

Find out how we use design thinking methods to deliver meaningful innovations for your business …

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