The Fidlock design DNA: a unifying concept

Fidlock approached RSW with a clear objective: to give the diverse product portfolio a sense of unity through formal independence.

Fidlock stands for innovative magnetic-mechanical fasteners for bags, shoes, helmets, and many other products. Fidlock pursues the ambitious goal of a uniform design language for all product families. To achieve this goal, the company has brought RSW on board. A central component of this joint process is the introduction of the "Shifted Edge" as a key element of the Fidlock design DNA. This striking feature will help to strengthen the recognition value of the products in the future. However, behind the Fidlock design DNA is also a highly creative design process that emphasizes innovation and originality.

You can find Fidlock's fasteners in numerous products and areas of application. All products aim to turn everyday opening, closing, and fastening into an aha experience and bring more ease and intuition into life. The team has achieved this over the years by developing numerous fastening solutions. As the product portfolio grew, the question arose about how a visible unity and uniform visual identity could be reflected in the individual products. In collaboration with Rudolph Schelling Webermann, Fidlock developed various solutions, resulting in the Fidlock Design DNA!

The idea behind the Fidlock design DNA is a substantial recognition value and differentiation of Fidlock products. What defines the Fidlock brand? This question gave rise to two design lines: a dynamic and edgy solution for the sports industry, for example, and an elegant and soft solution - ideal for clothing. Both are united by a unique and unifying feature: the "Shifted Edge". By "shifting" a side surface over the edge onto the main surface, an exposed but at the same time discreet surface for the Fidlock logo is created on the upper side.

"With the Shifted Edge, there is now a recognizable and comparatively even sustainable detail in an exposed area, which is nevertheless formally unobtrusively integrated into the product."

Esther Endrigkeit, Head of Design at Fidlock.

Part of the game is a comprehensive manual that describes the WHY, HOW, and WHAT of the new design DNA.

RSW has thus provided Fidlock's in-house design department with an effective tool for stringently applying the "Unifying Detail."

What is behind Fidlock?
From innovation to the company

Joachim Fiedler founded FIDLOCK in 2007, which was closely followed by the first FIDLOCK fastener for a school bag in the same year. It didn't take long for further product families to be developed, starting with the MINI TURN just months later.

Guided by a pioneering spirit, the creative development team at FIDLOCK consistently found unique ways to harness the advantages of the FIDLOCK principle. This led to the creation of product families for various application areas, including the innovative SNAP helmet buckles. These buckles, designed to be skin-friendly and easy to operate with one hand, even when wearing gloves, are a testament to the team's dedication and creativity. Just four years after the company's inception, the one million fasteners sold mark was surpassed, a clear indication of the trust in the innovative and patented principle.

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