The first watch with digital time-out at the touch of a button!

TIME OFF! is a smartwatch where you can mute your smartphone with one click via Bluetooth. It is a radical alternative to all other smartwatches because it gives you time and doesn't take it away.

TIME OFF! helps you to effectively fight the constant distraction of your cell phone and all this with a single button press and without having to pick up your cell phone!

Photo: Simon Migaj/Unsplash

Wear TIME OFF! as and where you like! The innovative magnetic closure offers a high degree of flexibility.

One Size Fits All
Adjust the bracelet easily to the right length.

The docking station allows easy charging.

The lightweight aluminum case of the TIME OFF! comes in three different colors and can be combined with either a sporty rubber, elegant leather, or casual textile strap.

The TIME OFF! app

Choose your preferred mode from three different presets or create your own 'My TIME OFF Mode' within the app. Depending on which setting you choose, you can turn off sound, vibration, and light signals, reject calls or stop alarms and pop-up notifications - all at the touch of a button and without having to pick up the phone!

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