Share the Power

Together on the road, discovering the world together, experiencing valuable moments together, and not falling by the wayside because the battery is running out.

Share the Power is more than just an ordinary power bank because it is the first to make energy shareable! It consists of two identical halves, which can be used individually as small Powerbanks or joined together as a large Powerbank. So not only you but also your companion on the road has one less thing to worry about. Your mobile devices will always remain usable, even if you should part ways in between.

Photo: Allie Smith/Unsplash

Each half has an LED charge status indicator and an integrated cable for charging your devices. When both halves are connected, the energy is always distributed evenly through metal contacts, so only one cable is needed to charge both halves.

(Share the Power is a design study)

If both halves are connected, they are charged equally with one cable.

When charging the device with both connected halves, they release the energy simultaneously.

A different state of charge in both halves will immediately compensate when reconnected.

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