Dim Linear Lamp

Dim Linear is the perfect lighting for your dining table in contemporary living spaces.

Drawing inspiration from the evolving role of dining tables in contemporary living spaces, the Dim Linear Lamp caters to today's families' diverse activities and lighting requirements.

At R S W, we understand that dining tables have evolved into more than just meal spaces, becoming gathering spots for various activities. That's why we developed the Dim Linear lamp, a concept that offers versatile lighting options for contemporary homes. Its adaptability and functionality are a testament to our commitment to meeting the changing needs of modern homes.

Powered by LED technology, the Dim Linear Lamp allows you to adjust brightness and color temperature, catering to various settings from cozy to productive. Its meticulously designed, clever shape crafted from aluminum for durability illuminates both upwards and downwards, highlighting the ceiling while providing efficient lighting. The integrated aluminum knobs have been elegantly incorporated as a decorative detail in the design while providing a technical function that allows for easy light control presented in a tactile user experience. In addition, you can control the brightness and color temperature via a remote control.

Aligning with Normann Copenhagen's philosophy of connecting people and spaces, the Dim Linear Lamp provides quality lighting for numerous settings and is easy to adapt to a wide range of usage scenarios. It appeals to both residential spaces and contract interiors.

The lamp is available in black and brushed aluminum.

This product is the result of a collaboration with the designer Christian Stapelbroek.

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