Sustainability at R S W

Climate change, resource consumption, and environmental pollution are challenges that cannot be met with neutrality: You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. At RSW, we aim to be part of the solution and make sustainability the foundation of our work!

We are not perfect (not even close), but we have a goal in mind and are in a transformation process towards a particularly sustainable design and innovation agency. Here you can find out which steps we have already taken:

Product and Interior Design

As a signatory to the "Charta for Sustainable Design," we have committed ourselves to further training in sustainable design, to working towards the most environmentally friendly and socially acceptable design possible when advising customers, as well as to resource-saving production methods and materials, and to paying attention to the durability and ease of use of our designs.

In this course, we have built up knowledge in the principle of Circular Economy (Cradle 2 Cradle) and developed a sustainable branch concept for Sparkasse Hannover with various recyclable products.

We have long worked with durable natural materials such as cork, wood, leather, and natural fibers in product design. In particular, our projects for discipline (sustainable Italian design label), hem, and Side-by-Side (sustainable design products from workshops for people with disabilities).

For high-volume products, we are always looking for alternatives to conventional plastics. This applies to both bio-based and biodegradable plastics. Here we have a direct line to the industry and a good overview of the latest developments in this field thanks to our long-standing cooperation with BASF's Creationcenter, where research into biodegradable and biobased plastics has been going on for more than thirty years.

But in our view, plastics from fossil sources can also have their place. For example, to achieve the turnaround to eMobility, lightweight, heat- and chemical-resistant high-performance plastics with good electrical and mechanical properties are indispensable. Our concept studies, such as the Concept 1865, show how these materials can contribute to more sustainable mobility.

Innovation and start-up consulting

In consulting, we are increasingly focusing our services on sustainability issues.

For example, we helped Rhenoflex to find new application areas and business fields for their innovative Green Line products (which include bio-based, biodegradable, and recycled materials) in a multi-day design thinking workshop. Rhenoflex is a leading global solution provider for reinforcement materials in the footwear and lifestyle market,

We helped the start-up out for space in a long-term collaboration to successfully position themselves on the market with their Nature Tech material karuun®.


As lecturers in the Sustainable Entrepreneurship course at Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts, we introduce business administration students to sustainability topics and help them develop ideas for sustainable business models. In the Product Design course, we focus on the Circular Economy.


We use the bicycle or public transport almost exclusively for commuting to work.
We use the train for business trips within Germany and neighboring countries.
We offset the climate impact of our flights to international business appointments via Atmosfair.

Digital working:
We use virtual online collaboration platforms internally and when working with our clients. This enables us to...

...let our employees work creatively in their home offices and reduce the need to commute to work.

...allow customers to participate interactively and in real-time in our creative process and thus avoid business trips for unnecessary coordination and presentation meetings.

...Reduce consumption of paper and other work materials.

We use 100% green electricity. Our supplier also invests in protecting rainforests in Ecuador and reforestation of local forests. In addition, the emitted CO2 generated by heating our rooms with gas is compensated directly by the provider, and a cooking stove project in Ghana is supported.

Our website is hosted climate neutral.

And what else?
We use a sustainable business bank account and a sustainable search engine. Our daily shared lunch is not only arguably the best in town but also organic and local. So is our coffee break with beans roasted on-site and packaging-free delivered. We source snacks in large containers to reduce packaging waste.

Do you have ideas on how we can become even more sustainable?

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