Rhenoflex is the world's leading solution provider for reinforcement materials in the footwear and lifestyle market. In particular, Rhenoflex's innovative Green Line products, which include bio-based, recycled and biodegradable materials, are also suitable for use in other applications. RSW was commissioned by Rhenoflex to investigate possible new application areas and resulting business fields.

In a workshop lasting several days, a team of employees from the company accompanied by external experts developed new ideas within the scope of this task. In the workshop we worked with Design Thinking, an approach that methodically leads to problem solving and the development of new ideas.

Design Thinking Workshops

Design Thinking is based on the assumption that problems can be solved better if people from different disciplines work together in an environment that promotes creativity. Together, questions are worked out that take into account the needs and motivations of people. Subsequently, concepts are developed, which are tested and improved in iteration loops. The aim is to find solutions that are convincing, especially from the user's point of view (User Centric Design).

After the workshop ended, a variety of different insights and solutions were on the credit side. In addition, we were able to familiarize Rhenoflex employees with a new culture of innovation and strengthen their self-confidence as innovators.

The results were then summarized, analyzed and edited by us. Subsequently, concrete proposals for the implementation of the first measures were developed.

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