Design with *magic, consulting with impact. We offer inspiring product design, strategic creative direction, and insightful innovation consulting with tangible value for people and brands.


Product Design

How to define entire product categories through unique and distinct designs? How to create special user-experiences and inspiring products with relevance for brands and people?

Learn how we discover unknown territory with a mix of methods and *magic …

Innovation Consulting

How to open up new vistas for your company? How to help employees become self-confident innovators? How to turn ideas into products and products into successful start-ups?

Find out how we use design thinking methods to deliver meaningful innovations for your business …

Creative Direction

How to create a consistent product portfolio and a sustainable design strategy? How to develop a design DNA that allows a perfect balance between brand unity and product autonomy?

Learn how we carve out your brand's core, identify potentials and close gaps in your portfolio-architecture …

Press quotes

»The future of cake is made in Hannover. More precisely: in the office of Carsten Schelling, Ralf Webermann, and Sven Rudolph. The three designers have made it their business to rethink things. They invented coasters that also portion spaghetti. Nutcrackers that do not crush the fingers. And whisks that do not take up any space. By questioning materials, products, and behavior, the designers invent products that gradually improve the world. Or at least make them a little more humorous. "We like to achieve a lot with little means and to push a product to its limits. Even for topics that have already been played on many occasions".«

Florian Siebeck, Form Designmagazin

»The Hannover design studio Rudolph Schelling Webermann creates products that bring magic moments to everyday life. Taking one in hand, somehow calms the senses and feelings and brings a smile to your face. Ever since the studio was established in 2005, it has unveiled one hit product after another.«

Hanae Komachi: AXIS, Japan


Excellent ideas

We strive for excellence. That's why we never compromise on the initial concept: no product without a good idea.

Thoughtful simplicity

We believe in honest and straightforward solutions - even for complex tasks.


We want to spark emotions. Our design tells stories that move people.

Empathy for the user

We believe that successful products and services have to be geared towards real user needs. That is why we get in touch with your customers already early in the process.

Feasible innovations

We are always on the search for significant innovations. Nevertheless, we watch out for the right balance between innovative content and feasibility.

Cooperative attitude

We are not complicated, even if it gets tricky. Our approach is solution-driven, and we are staying close to our partners.

We shape the things to come!

More than 40x awarded design

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