Dimmable pendant light with color temperature change

The Mood LED pendant light for yunic inspires with an extremely slim design, where the dimmer is part of the aesthetic construction. Namely, the golden knob is located on the elegant, cylindrical shade and can be rotated to change two types of light settings: Light brightness and color temperature. This does not require turning the knob in two different directions but simply turning it further to reach the next brightness or temperature level. Changing between brightness and color temperature is done by pressing the knob.

Integrated memory function

Once the desired setting is reached, and the wall switch is pressed, the luminaire remembers the last setting via a memory function. The next time the pendant is switched on via the wall switch, it thus reverts to the same light brightness, and color temperature set the last time it was used.

Thanks to the flat, round diffuser Mood illuminates any house area in a pleasant warm-white light. The pendant lamp is especially suitable for placing above the kitchen table, dining table, or over a side table in the living room. Available in different colors, you are guaranteed to find a suitable model for every taste.

The pendant lamp is made of an aluminum shade and a brass knob. The lamp is the result of a collaboration with the designer Christian Stapelbroek.

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