Chapter 2 — Fabriktage 2015

In the year of BASFs 150th anniversary, RSW were involved in relocating the BASF designfabrik® from Ludwigshafen to Milan. As part of the Milan Furniture Fair, BASF presented materials and projects in a cabinet that amazed with optical tricks and ideas.

The Wunderkammer of BASF

The Milan exhibition focused on the so-called “Wunderkammer”, or “cabinet of curiosity”. In this section, products currently in serial production made using BASF materials and expertise, like the adidas Energy Boost sports shoe or designer chairs by Vitra, Brunner and Interstuhl were seen in a surprising room installation. Optical illusion here blended objects and visitors into a striking picture puzzle – making a game of magic and illusion of the kind that was typical of 19th-century fairs.

1865 — Inspired by History

The exhibition area "1865 - Inspired by History" refers to BASF's founding years. Here you could see the e-bike "Concept 1865", which was designed by RSW as a modern velocipede ready to ride. In addition, twelve young designers from the AbK Stuttgart were invited to seek inspiration from the era of industrialization under the direction of Professor Uwe Fischer. They have explored everyday products of that period and considered, how modern materials might be used to bring these products up to date. The result is twelve new interpretations, including a beehive, a mechanical kitchen appliance, and even a modern version of a long-forgotten English outdoor game.

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