Out for Space is a start-up from the Allgäu that has made a mark with the development of the sustainable and innovative wood-based material karuun.

Start-up Consulting for Out for Space

Thanks to a patented refinement process, the fast-growing rattan palm is turned into a groundbreaking wood-based material which, in comparison to conventional rattan, is characterized by improved stiffness, hardness and weather resistance as well as a strong pore structure. Karuun represents an ecological alternative to conventional materials, as the rattan palm needs intact trees to grow as a climbing plant. In the case of sustainable forest management, rattan cultivation protects from deforestation and preserves small-scale agriculture.

RSW has supported Out for Space by:

Consulting for product communication at the first trade fair appearances. Here, the focus was on making the product advantages of the material quick and easy to experience.

Conception and supervision of a university project at the HAWK Hildesheim with the aim to open up new fields of application for karuun and to build up a large portfolio of sample products with little effort.

Design and product development of the first serially manufactured karuun furniture.

Karuun studies by
Lin Qu & Eunyung Lee
semester project at the
HAWK Hildesheim


RSW has been at our side from the very beginning to answer the most crucial questions. Especially their advice on product staging was a real eye-opener and helped us a lot in the marketing of our material. In addition, RSW never lost sight of us even after the start-up phase and, thanks to their contacts in industry, research and teaching, has repeatedly provided interesting business opportunities. We would like to thank RSW very much for their long-standing and reliable partnership!

Peter Kraft Managing Director — Out for Space GmbH

Modular furniture system Pleat made with Karuun designed by RSW for caussa

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