Composed of just three different elements, the Jam bookcase is a cleverly and elegantly executed design. The defining element is a wedge, which allows the bookcase to be assembled without the use of screws or tools. The shelves are quite simply jammed onto the wedges and then gravity and friction take care of the rest.

As we were diving deeper into the ways friction can be used to position and hold in place, we moved on from the flat wedge to a conical shape that can envelope each of the poles. This grew into a search for the perfect way to create a reliable and stable set of shelves and poles. The end result is two identical halves in colored polypropylene that are assembled around the poles, constituting an aesthetic design detail in contrast with the warm oak.

The Jam bookcase is available in various sizes and can be placed against a wall or used as a room divider. The shelves' softly rounded corners give the unit an inviting and friendly visual expression. With its versatile design, the bookcase works just as well in small apartments as it does in large offices, where its purity and materiality craft a calming and pleasant presence.

We always find ourselves captivated by the simple things that surround us – simple things that fascinate us because they only need a minimum number of elements in order to become very functional final objects. The humble wedge is a great example of such a thing. Due solely to inclining surfaces set against each other in friction, a wedge is able to fix something as weighty as a door in place. It was this observation that led us to design a flatpack bookcase that can be assembled without the need for any tools or screws.

Ralf Webermann, R S W
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