It's all about the cake!

Awarded baking tins for WMF-Kaiser

Under the motto "Creative Bundform," we have dedicated ourselves again to the topic cake after 12 years. At that time, in 2008, the silicone mold S-XL Cake for the label Konstantin Slawinski came onto the market, which quickly developed into a bestseller. The baking tin, which won the Design Plus and the German Design Award, broke utterly new ground because it does not decorate the cake with any decor. It derives the shape from the individual wish for the size of a piece of cake.

This time in the design process for Kaiser, we focused on an iconic design language that is not just an end in itself but ensures that the cake can be decorated or filled in a simple, user-friendly way.

"Our goal was to develop a baking tin that would make the cake look equally pretty when decorated, undecorated and cut."

​Sven Rudolph, RSW

The result of our design process is the two aluminum cast molds, "Twister" and "Tartes & Törtchen." Although formally very different, both baking molds offer the hobby baker an ideal platform for creative experiments and a unique design of artistic and delicious cake creations. The success of S-XL Cake ties in with these baking molds, as demonstrated by the Red Dot Design Award 2019 for Twister. Plus, the fact that the Tartes & Törtchen form was Kaiser's baking form of the year!

Baking mold of the year:
Tartes & Törtchen

The future of cake is made in Hannover. More precisely: in the office of Carsten Schelling, Ralf Webermann, and Sven Rudolph. The three designers have made it their business to rethink things. They invented coasters that also portion spaghetti. Nutcrackers that do not crush the fingers. And whisks that do not take up any space. By questioning materials, products, and behavior, the designers invent products that gradually improve the world. Or at least make them a little more humorous. "We like to achieve a lot with little means and to push a product to its limits. Even for topics that have already been played on many occasions".

Florian Siebeck, Form Designmagazin

The first baking mold by RSW: S-XL Cake for Konstantin Slawinski

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